Initiation au Reiki I

le jeudi 19 avril 2018

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Get well, stay well, feel good inside with help of the world's natural sources

The well being Institute offers a wide range of gentle health treatments, to reinforce body, mind and spirit.

Treatments are for people of all age, to reestablish mental and physical hearth, to harmonise body and mind and for personal development.


The Kinesiology

A subtle and precise muscle testing shows us the answers to understand the blockages in our body.


Flower Therapy

Flowers, as well as other richness of the Earth are transformed into essences so that we can be conscious of our weaknesses and enhance our talents.

5 éléments

The Medicine of the 5 Elements

The five elements are part of the basis of Kinesiology.

The vital energy of the essences of those 5 elements adjust all sorts of imbalance effectively.